..::THOR::.. The Dark Collection
A new collection composed by old recolored and brand new items, limited edition for this Halloween!

For sale only until 2nd November, after that it will never be sold again!

There are 33 dark items inside for 666L$:
– Victorian Velvet Harmchair
– Black Velvet Pillow
– Round Clawfoot Table
– Jar of Mummy Dust
– Potions Recipes Box
– Spider Venom Bottle
– Oil Lamp
– Ouija Tablet
– Scattered Skull Sheets
– Vintage dark Rug
– Empty Cage
– Purple Ottoman
– Dark Shelf
– 666 Phone
– Pumpkin Crate
– Dark Stacked Books
– The Witch Book
– Candle Jar
– Witch Mortar
– Sabbath Memories
– Poison Sign
– Dark Posters (4 Pieces)
– The Witch Notes
– Grimoire
– Poisoned Apple
– Enchanted Leaves
– Dark Trunk
– Salem the Cat (3 Pose)


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